Girls Night out at the Five Fishermen Grill
If you’re anything like me, you would have been wondering what had become of Little Fish, the Five Fisherman Restaurant’s little sister resto on Argyle Street. A few months ago, the former Little Fish opened its doors as the Five Fishermen Grill, with a delicious new menu and an even more tantalizing restaurant space. Gone are the bright orange walls, to be replaced by a slick and sleek slate blue overview, dark wood tables and a uber sexy glass-walled wine cellar.

I managed to coordinate a dinner with some of my favorite wino-foodie gal pals, and we got together to sample some of this amazing-looking resto’s cuisine in the hopes that the food looked as amazing as the new space.

Not at all to my surprise, it surpassed our expectations. In an effort to go slow, and not let our eyes overpower our stomachs, we started out with three apps – and ended up sticking to those as they were so filling! We started with a bottle of bubbly from Five Fisherman’s award-winning wine list, then proceeded to order the calamari, a trio of seafood sliders and the lobster fritters.

Bathed in a mysteriously spicy Hoisin glaze, the calimari was slick and tender. A five-spice aioli further enhanced the dish with a luxurious earthy taste. I do love my calamari in this city, and I was super excited to find a version that wasn’t tossed in tomato sauce…NOT that it’s a bad thing – I just love the unexpected!

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