My friend Laura and I long ago discovered that the BEST kept secret in downtown Halifax is the oyster happy hour at the Five Fishermen Restaurant & Grill. For years, we’ve been kicking off misbehaving nights out (of the grownup variety) with a couple dozen oysters, accompanied by a libation or two.

So what’s an oyster happy hour? Some of the region’s best oysters at half-price, shucked right at the bar, that’s what. The kicker? They do this every night of the week from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. What did I tell you…best.kept.secret.

Naturally, I called in my faithful partner-in-crime for my meal at the Five Fishermen. And naturally, our night began with a bevy of the pearl-producing gems. The variety of oysters changes depending on what’s fresh and available, but generally includes one to two Nova Scotia varieties, such as Sober Island. That night, we toasted our tradition with a glass of Grand Pré Tidal Bay, the foolproof companion for any seafood dish.

The Five Fishermen is a mainstay in the city. It’s the go-to recommendation for fresh, local seafood for visitors and locals alike. But while I’ve had my share of meals in the main upstairs dining room – mostly when out-of-town guests are trying to curb a seafood hankering – I had never actually had a full meal in The Little Fish Oyster Bar downstairs. So after our oysters, we decided to stay put and see what the downstairs portion of the restaurant has to offer.

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